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What is AzRIP?

AzRIP is a project established and funded by the Government of Azerbaijan and World Bank and implemented by the State Agency on Agricultural Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic to invest in the rural development of five regions (Mughan-Salyan, Low ...

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Intra-zone Interaction Meeting was held in Aran community of Agjabedi (READ MORE)

On June 25 2015, staff of the Karabakh Regioanl Operations Office organized the Intra-zone Interaction Meeting in Aran community of Agjabedi rayon. This community was not selected coincidently. Chichak Shiraliyeva, a leading women that hosted this event is also and active member of the Community Group and the Chief of Munivipality. Chichak Shiraliyeva met the invited guests to participate at the Intra-zone Interaction Meeting from Minakhorlu community group of Agjabedi rayon, Boyukbeyli community group of Aghdam rayon and AzRIP staff, in front of the community room and an interesting event was commenced.


Mobilization at Gumbashi community of Lenkeran rayon (READ MORE)

On June 25, 2015, a mobilization seminar was held in Gumbashi community of Lenkeran rayon. The population of Gumbashi community settled in this area back in XVII Century. The village is called Gumbashi since the sandy area starts from here. Fishing is the main occupation of the population. This community is also known as fishermen's village. Gumbashi community welcomes guests at the Lankaran section of Alat-Astara Highway.



Langan community, who has a poor infrastructure, is located at 20kms from the Masally rayon center. As seen from its name, the development of infrastructure in this community went very slow. In translation from Persian language, LANGAN means SLUGGISH PEOPLE. According to the words of village aksakkals (elders), previously there used to be only seven houses in this community and the community was named like this since no development (growth). The main occupation of the community is husbandry.



On June 24 2015, in a hot summer day, we headed to Evoghlu community of Aghdam rayon. One of the scenes we observed as we moved along the road was hard-working local people dealing with planting and harvest work under the direct heat of the sun. First, active community women welcomed us. We saw community residents walking towards the school while we were getting prepared for the seminar in the school hall.


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