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What is AzRIP?

AzRIP is a project established and funded by the Government of Azerbaijan and World Bank and implemented by the State Agency on Agricultural Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic to invest in the rural development of five regions (Mughan-Salyan, Low ...

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PRA Seminar in Bayramly community of Tovuz rayon

The next Participatory Rural Appraisal seminar within the framework of Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project took place in Bayramly community. Bayramly community, who has about 2852 population, gathered for mobilization with a great enthusiasm. They expressed their hope to solve community problems in cooperation with AzRIP 2. While exploring the background of the community it was revealed that its history dates back to 14th Century and first residents of this village were those who have been displaced Tovuz River basin and got settled here.


Mollaguller community of Barda rayon

Although the history of this community dates back to the 18th Century, the main residence in this village started before 1930s. During the mobilization seminar village elders shared the information about the history of their village, saying that the village is known with a man named Mollagul. Residents of Mollaguller community are hardworking and pride. Existence of too many problems within the community is not an impediment for them and therefore, they always look forward with a great hope. These characteristics pushed the Mollaguller community to cooperate with AzRIP 2.


Opening ceremony in Pirebbe community of Neftchala rayon

Pirebbe community is situated at 35 kms distance from Neftchala rayon center. For many years, the secondary school building was in poor condition. So, the classrooms where students have their classes were in deplorable condition. Poor condition of the school and lack of classrooms always concerned thevillage residents, but also had a negative impact on the level of education of schoolchildren. Lack of classrooms had a negative impact on conducting classes in accrodance with schedule.


Opening ceremony in Kotuklu community of Gabala rayon

On September 16th, the opening ceremony of the "School Rehabilitation" project implemented by AzRIP, though the State Service on the Management of Agricultural Projects and Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic which is co-funded by the Government of Azerbaijan and World Bank, took place in Kotuklu community of Gabala rayon.


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