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What is AzRIP?

AzRIP is a project established and funded by the Government of Azerbaijan and World Bank and implemented by the State Agency on Agricultural Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic to invest in the rural development of five regions (Mughan-Salyan, Low ...

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This was the month of monitorings!

"Community Development Assessment" is one of the cycles that are carried out by stages during the implementation of community projects. So, first stage monitoring is conducted in 6 month, after the completion and the 2nd stage monitoring is conducted after a year, upon completion of the project. Therefore, this month we took our way in that direction. The communities that we visited includes, Gazakhlar, Ughurbeyli, Nazırlı, Hajalı II, Gulgezli, Soghanverdiler communities in Barda, and Tatalılar, Yukhary Kabirli, Aghabeyli communities in Beylagan.


Beliton community of Lenkeran rayon

Beliton is one of the successfully mobilized communities of Lenkeran rayon. Last year the mobilization day was appointed in Baliton community, but it did not take place. The Beliton community finally gained self-reliance while observing the development process of neighboring communities and applied to AzRIP2 Mughan-Salyan ROO, involving the Local ExCom representative and the Municipal Chief to this application process. Thus, the Beliton residents expressed their interest for collaboration with AzRIP 2. Considering their numerous requests, we re-appointed the Participatory Rural Appraisal Seminar.


Mobilization in Davudoba community of Guba rayon

A mobilization seminar was held in Davudoba community of Guba rayon. The history of the Davudoba village dates back to 1930-1931. That years, the residents of Novdun village of Guba rayon got settled in this territory in order to paster their animals and the cultivate agricultural crops. The name of the village is associated with the person named Davud who first settled in this area. Later on this area was named Davudoba.


Geleduz community of Guba Rayon

Geleduz community is located at 6 kilometers distance from Guba rayon center. First settlement of population in this territory started in 19th Century. There was a town called "Seyfe gala" and meaning of name "Geleduz" is taken from here. Geleduz means "plane area of town". 99.9% of Geleduz residents are originally from Kupchal village. Being considered as a first group community, AzRIP 2 held the outreach meeting in Geleduz community of Guba rayon.


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