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What is AzRIP?

AzRIP is a project established and funded by the Government of Azerbaijan and World Bank and implemented by the State Agency on Agricultural Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic to invest in the rural development of five regions (Mughan-Salyan, Low ...

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Kolayir residents selected the project of “Setting up the milk collection point” (READ MORE)

While partnering with AzRIP, the Kolayir community has carried out three public infrastructure rehabilitation type projects like internal community roads rehabilitation, cleaning out the drainage canals, and the community rennovations. As a community that improved its social infrastructure and distinguished by its activism, they arranged a community-wide meeting to make a step towards the implementation of community-based livelihood projects within the framework of AzRIP2.


II Nugedi community of Guba rayon (READ MORE)

II Nugedi village is over 1500 years old. This fact was revealed due to the review of the area conducted by the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Republic. Stone inscriptions found in the cemetery located at the foot of the Ramazan mountain in II Nugedi village proves this fact. II Nugedi is located at 9kms South-East from Guba rayon center. The village was named Nugedi as a result of reforms conducted in 1921-1922 (during the Soviet era).


Participatory Rural Appraisal Seminar at Bostanchi Community of Khachmaz rayon (READ MORE)

Bostanchi is one of the most ancient villages in Khachmaz rayon. Pottery plates, red bricks, stone axes, copper coins, gravestones and inscriptions on them that were found beneath the earth prove the antiquity of the village. Name of the Bostanchi village was mentioned in the book of "Azerbaijan History" that was released by the Academy of Science of Azerbaijan Republic. Is says "in 1837, on the eve of the Guba rebellion, Mr. Gimbit, the Colonel Commandant of the province and Mr. Mammadkhan, the district governor, forced them to leave their land in order to get benefited from it for their own purposes.


Tezekend residents selected the project of “Setting up the milk collection point” (READ MORE)

Starting from 2000, the community partnered with local and international development projects and programs opearting in this area. Due to these cooperations, a number of public infrastructure rehabilitation and reconstruction projects have been carried out. Just two infrastructure projects- Rehabilitation of the internal community roads" and "Kindergarten rehabilitation" were carried out with AzRIP 2.


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